15 Reasons to trade with Barginex

1. No KYC required under 5 BTC on Barginex 

Administration of the Barginex platform desires their users to make a transaction, open a position on the platform in the easiest possible way. Besides security, money laundering and trust are also highly important for the administration to run the platform. In order to ensure easiness and security at the same time, Barginex needs KYC if there are obvious suspicious account activities or the transaction is more than 5 BTC. As an indicator of belief in the blockchain ecosystem, Barginex collaborates with Civic for KYC issues. Civic is a blockchain-based, decentralized identity services company. Their motto is "A Secured Identity For Everyone." 

2. Bitcoin Deposit and Withdraw 24/7 

Users of Barginex platform can deposit or withdraw their bitcoins 24/7. Only blockchain approval is needed. The system enables users to deposit or withdraw their assets without the need for any other approval. 

3. Blockchain-based security system on Barginex 

It seems that security is of top priority for Barginex. In order to provide a secure trading service, Barginex demands platforms users to have their password, e-mail, and/or authenticator options. Besides we can freely choose to use Google 2FA or Hydro Raindrop Authenticator. 

4. Ease of Use 

Interface and webpage design of Barginex platform is simple and user-friendly. It does not matter whether you are an inexperienced person or a highly professional trader. Everyone can easily open an account, deposit BTC, open a position, make a profit, withdraw their balance. 

5. Tradingview Chart 

Thanks to the collaboration of “Barginex” and “Tradingview”, it is possible to analyze comprehensively. Also, graphs can fully be customized. Users can benefit from indicators to give the right decision about their orders. 

6. Lowest commissions and highest leverages. 

I witnessed that many platforms collect money every 8 hours, which is named "decay" or usually platforms receive an overnight fee every single night. On the other hand, Barginex receives overnight fee three times in a week. Compared to other similar platforms, the commission rate is low. Moreover, Barginex provides the opportunity of opening a position with 200 leverage. 

7. Competitive fees and variable spread 

Spreads can vary due to the market depth. Because of this, you can open a position with a lower spread. The fees of the platform are competitive and transparent. For most of the assets, they offer volume-based fees. 

8. Possibility of opening positions in 4 different markets on more than 50 pairs 

As users, we can open a position in stock, cryptocurrency, forex, and index markets on more than 50 pairs just by depositing our BTC. That's why no need to stuck on only one market to make a profit. Barginex platform has an effective service in terms of market variety and pairs. 

9) Transparent Formulas and Calculator 

Barginex shares formulas of "margin trade" transparently. In addition, the platform has a calculator service for us to calculate our profit/loss ratios. If you want to open or update a position, you can use a calculator. It helps us to minimize our risks and shows potential results. 

10) 24/7 support service 

In order to ensure customer satisfaction, Barginex has the "Documents" link on their webpage. So, it is possible to find answers to many questions.Also, the customer support team will answer all of the questions asked as soon as possible. 

11) High Referral Commission 

Barginex has a very successful referral program. They offer %25 referral commission, and it is deposited instantly — no need to wait for days for the referral commission to be deposited to your account. 

12) Performance Graph 

You can see your profit or loss on a monthly basis graph. By this way, you can check how successful you are and what to do in order to extend the portfolio. 

13) Negative balances protection 

Barginex customers never go bankrupt since the platform has "Negative Balance Protection." It is not possible for a position to be closed with 0 balance. The maximum ratio of loss is %80. In case of a loss, %20 of your balance is protected. 

14) Instant execution 

No matter how big or small the trade position is, Barginex will process it in an instant. The aggregated liquidity feature gathers liquidity from 6 suppliers, ensuring that every trade will be executed instantly, no matter the size. 

15. Copy Trade 

You can copy best, successful traders; follow their strategies so that you can make a remarkable profit. By copying the best traders, you will earn like a professional. You can start or stop "copy trader" whenever you wish. You can also be a successful trader, and others can copy you. You will earn money because of this. 

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