How can ı use Hydro 2Fa Solution on Barginex

Hydro 2FA Solution on Barginex

Barginex offers end-to-end encryption, comprehensive DDOS protection, 2-factor authentication, and offline storage for client crypto keys. 

In order to ensure top-level security, Barginex trusts in blockchain and desires users to experience the platform effectively. That’s why Barginex has been integrating with blockchain-based security systems.

Today we will explain why we cooperate with Hydro.

Hydro 2FA solution is one of the components of the Hydro Platform. Hydrogen Atom, Hydrogen Molecule are the other components of the platform.

The primary purpose of the hydrogen platform is to build a perfect ecosystem through the blockchain system, identity management, and artificial intelligence.

Hydrogen Platform says: “Hydrogen 2FA uses cutting-edge cryptography and the blockchain to secure your accounts, transactions, and payments. Instantly verify yourself anytime, anywhere, and eliminate identity theft and hacking.”

Easy Setup - Creating your secure account takes on average less than a minute, and it stays with you forever.

Peace of Mind - We use the Ethereum blockchain and your phone's security to protect your identity.

Security - Enabled on the app is Hydro Raindrop, two-factor authentication on your accounts and transactions.

How to activate Hydro 2FA on the Barginex platform?

Login to your account and click the “Security” tab from the menu. When the link is opened, you are going to see Hydro 2FA. Download the Hydro app from App Store or Play Store. Create a new account or log in to your acount.

Press start then shake your phone to generate your secure account.

Save these words in a safe place.

Go to, enter your HydroID on the, and wait a minute for storing your HydroID then enter the security code from below. 

Please authenticate on the site to confirm.

11 months ago