Invest in the world's top financial assets easily and securely on Barginex 

Barginex is a fin-tech company established in 2018 on The Republic of Seychelles. We currently offer to trade on many selected commodity, cryptocurrency, and forex markets besides we provide access to real-time market data, trading analysis tools blockchain-based security, high liquidity, and 200x leverage, accessible through more than 150 countries.

Barginex Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Policy is designated to prevent and mitigate possible risks of involvement of Barginex platform in any illegal and suspicious activity.  

Both international and local regulations require Barginex to implement adequate internal procedures and mechanisms to prevent money laundering, financing of terrorism, drug and human trafficking, the proliferation of weapons, corruption, and bribery and to take action in case of any form of suspicious activity from its Users.  

We wish accessible, transparent, user-friendly, simplified, and perceptible, global financial system through blockchain technologies. 

We hope to make our user's life easier and wealthy.